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Irish Princess

Irish Princess

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With a ring on my finger and both of us on a flight back to Boston, our victory is all but assured. But I know better than anyone that a betrothal isn’t a marriage, and that Connor and I need to get to the altar sooner rather than later—with my innocence still assured.

Irish Princess is book five in the Irish King Series. The series is complete. Reading order Irish Savior, Irish Promise, Irish Vow, Irish Betrayal, Irish Princess and finally Irish Vow.

Major Tropes

  • Enemies To Lovers
  • Arranged Marriage
  • Billionaire Mafia Romance


Connor is all but mine. But my heart is in more danger than ever—

With a ring on my finger and both of us on a flight back to Boston, our victory is all but assured. But I know better than anyone that a betrothal isn’t a marriage, and that Connor and I need to get to the altar sooner rather than later—with my innocence still assured.

He’s told me that once we’re wedded and bedded, the desire will pass. But it only seems to grow with each passing day, despite the temptations swirling around both of us.

I’m not supposed to love or want my husband. I’m supposed to give him an heir. But as the war between the factions of Kings builds and Connor takes increasing solace with me, I can’t help but wonder—

Why not both?

Why can’t I have everything I ever wanted—and more?

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The sunlight coming through the airplane window glints off of my ring, reminding me of last night. Of what I’m headed back to. The new life ahead of me.

Last night had been raucous and fun—for everyone except Connor and I, which is ironic considering the party was meant to celebrate us. For all their hesitance about coming to Boston, his men had seemed ready to embrace the new adventure last night as they’d partied into the wee hours, drinking and singing and telling loud, dirty jokes about what they’d do and who they’d fuck once they were in a new city.

Connor, on the other hand, had been irritable and quiet, staying at a table near the wall nursing a beer and shoving off anyone who tried to drag him into the festivities, even his friend Jacob. I tried to enjoy the party, talking with Jacob and attempting to have a good time after the argument outside with Connor and Niall. I’d hardly gotten to enjoy my betrothal the first time, I wanted this time to be different. I wanted to soak up the warmth of that English pub and the taste of beer on my tongue and the laughter around me, but it hadn’t taken long for Connor’s black mood to infect me too.

He’s only using you, to try and save Liam’s place.

I’d meant it when I said I wouldn’t break my vow to Connor. There’s no chance I’ll back out of this, not for anyone or anything. I’ve made up my mind, and I plan to stay the course.

But I’m also not going to let him run me over, or change what we agreed to.

A marriage of duty and convenience. An heir. And after that, the freedom to do as we both please—for me, the freedom to experience all the things I’ve given up in the service of my father’s single-minded goal to bind the O’Sullivans and McGregors more tightly together. 

With the flight well on its way, I slip my phone out to text my best friend back in Boston, Margaret.

We’d bonded at college over a shared love of history and the fact that my middle name was the same as her first, after being assigned to the same group project. We’d become fast friends, despite her confusion over some of my choices—namely, to go along with my father’s plans to arrange my marriage.

She’s not from the world I live in, though. Her parents work normal jobs—her father works at the post office and her mother owns a bakery. She went to Harvard on a scholarship, and she’s a high school teacher now. There’s nothing remotely dangerous or conniving or political about her life, and I think that’s probably part of why I attached myself to her so quickly.

My friendship with Maggie is the only normal part of my life. She’s my only friend that isn’t tied back to the mob in some way. And I cherish that.

I’m on my way back home, I text her quickly. And then, after that, I’m going to need to make an appointment at a bridal salon as soon as I’m back. I’ll need a dress ASAP.

Another girl might have texted back in a flurry of all caps and emojis, thrilled to hear the news, but Maggie knows the truth of why I went to London. She doesn’t know everything, I’m careful to keep her in the dark about some things for her own safety, but she knows that the marriage with Connor is a business arrangement, that it has to do with the Kings—and she also knows he was meant to be my fiancé years ago, before he left and abandoned everyone.

She also knows what Liam did, which means she’s none too thrilled about the fact that I’m now being passed back to his brother.

I can’t blame her. I’d feel the same if our positions were switched—I think. It’s hard to know for certain. I’ve been raised in this my whole life—it feels natural to me. I can’t imagine living her life. But I think I would feel the same.

So I take it you’re engaged now? Her message comes in a second later, as curt and to the point as I imagined it would be, but it doesn’t upset me. If anything, it feels like a relief—like one normal thing in the midst of all of this. My best friend responded exactly as I expected her to.

I am. I take a photo of my ring, sending it back to her with the message, a performative dance between friends. I’m engaged. Look at my ring. I should be excited. Pretend to be excited with me—except for me, Maggie is the one person I can be honest with about all of this.

I’m relieved the first part is over, and that Connor and I are engaged, and headed back to Boston. I’m glad things worked out as they were meant to. But I’m not excited to marry him.

In fact, the only part I’m anticipating is the one part that I’m supposed to not care about. 

The wedding night.

I glance up from my phone to steal a look at Connor, who is two rows down sitting next to my father, the two of them discussing something quietly—almost certainly something to do with their plans for setting up Connor’s future takeover of the Kings. Up until now, my father told me what was going on, but it’s clear that now that my “part” in the plotting is done, I’m on the outs. My input, as far as the men are concerned, isn’t needed any longer.

I’m not going to have that. I grit my teeth in frustration, watching them. Just like I told Connor, I have my own plans for the money and influence that his takeover will bring. And I intend to make the other mob wives part of that—Caterina, and Sofia too despite her friendship with Ana. 

I’m going to carve out my own part in this dynasty I’m helping to create. My own legacy.

It’s a gorgeous ring. Did he pick it out?

Maggie’s message pings on my phone, and I glance at my diamond and sapphire ring again, a small thrill running down my spine at the memory of the afternoon Connor showed it to me the first time. The things we did on that beach—

In the space of less than two weeks, Connor opened up an entire world of sensuality and sensation that I never imagined existed.

And then he made me promise we’d forget about it.

Right before kissing me like he couldn’t breathe without me all over again.

As far as I know, I text back. He did a good job. I think it suits me.

I do love the ring. From a certain point of view, I even love what it represents—my own success at what I set out to do when my father and I arrived in London, my victory in getting Connor to marry me, securing my own future after Liam nearly ruined it.

I glance up at him once more under hooded lashes, taking in the sharp lines of his face, the scruff on his chin, those full kissable lips, his piercing blue eyes. He’s gorgeous in every way, and every time he touches me, he makes me feel the most incredible things. I’m excited to go to bed with him. To be his wife and finally not have to hold anything back. To experience it all with him for the first time. 

But I shouldn’t be. We’d agreed on that beach—no more passion. Only duty and children, our passion saved for others. The more I allow myself to stray from that with Connor, even in my mind, even on our wedding night, the more I’m setting myself up for hurt and heartbreak later—because I have no reason to think he’s not serious about that.

I can make the appointment for you, Maggie texts back, saving me from my rapidly derailing train of thought. And if you’re open to it, I’m sure my mother would love to do the wedding cake and dessert table for the reception. I’ll start planning your bachelorette too! There’s a heart emoji, and then another text after that. I know it’s not the most traditional marriage, but you should get to enjoy the trappings anyway.

Thank you. You’re the best maid of honor, I text her back with a smiley face, resisting the urge to get defensive and say that my arrangement with Connor is, in fact, the most traditional of marriages. Love matches are a modern invention, after all. Marriages for duty and heirs are as old as civilization.

Boston will be a fresh start for us, I tell myself, resisting the urge to peek at him again. A new beginning to our relationship. This is first and foremost a business contract, after all, and part of that contract is that I should never, ever, expect or hope for Connor to fall in love with me.

And I won’t. I’m not Sofia or Anastasia, not some innocent fool to believe that I need love for a successful marriage, or Caterina, to expect my husband to change for me. Connor is who he is, and he’s fairer than most, to tell me I can look for my desires to be satisfied elsewhere just as he will.

I tuck my phone away, tilting my head back against the seat and closing my eyes. Niall’s face swims into view—that chiseled bone structure, deep blue eyes and swooping black hair, his body lean and muscled and capable, leaning into mine. The way he kissed me with such intense longing, with such need.

Connor doesn’t have to want me for me to find pleasure and happiness. It doesn’t matter, I tell myself firmly. I don’t need him to love me. I just need him to keep his word. 

After all, look what love has done to Liam and Anastasia.

Connor will be what he’s expected to be—my dutiful and detached husband, and I will be the same.

A dutiful and detached wife. 

We will be happy—just like that.

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