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Poisoned Vows

Poisoned Vows

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I’ve never been anything but a means to an end. But now the most powerful man in Chicago wants to make me his…forever.

All my life I knew one thing about my father–that he wanted to be more than he was. More than a low-level nobody for the Chicago Bratva. And all my life, he’s groomed me to be his ticket to a seat at the table.

When he barters my innocence for that seat, the pakhan takes him up on his offer. I’m meant to be a plaything for the Bratva heir. Thrown away and discarded, all for a powerful man’s pleasure.

Except Nikolai Vasilev takes one look at me, and decides I’m his. Forever. He doesn’t just plan to take me to his bed. He demands that I marry him.

He’ll stop at nothing to own me, mind, soul and body. No matter how broken I am, no matter how I fight. He’s determined to make me his bride in every way–not just in name. And when he discovers what my father’s plan has been all along–he’ll stop at nothing to avenge me. 

When passion and devotion meet violence and sin, there’s only one thing left to find out–

Can a lasting love spring from poisoned vows like these? 

Poisoned Vows is a full-length STANDALONE dark mafia romance featuring an alpha hero and a feisty heroine who fall in love hard. If you like enemies to lovers, forced marriage, and happily ever afters, you’ll love this new book!

  • Enemies To Lovers
  • Forced Marriage
  • Age Gap

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She tilts her chin up, her bright blue eyes glaring into mine. “Do you want to hear what I know, Nikolai?” she asks, her voice soft and sharp, and I smirk, looking at her soft, plush lips as she speaks.

“Sure,” I tell her, half-mockingly. “Tell me what you think you know, little krolik. Say what you want to now, because in two days, those pretty lips will be around my cock.”

She tries not to flinch at that, and fails. “You can force me to marry you,” she hisses sharply. “You can make me be your wife. But you can’t make me love you. And I will never belong to you.”

I laugh at that, a short, sharp bark of a sound. I can’t help it. “I don’t want you to love me, pretty little rabbit,” I tell her, reaching up to touch her cheek lightly. I can feel her stiffen, trying not to flinch away. “I don’t care if you do. But you will belong to me. You can do what you like with your heart, I don’t give a shit about it. But the rest of you–”

I drag my gaze slowly down her body–down her pretty face, her pert breasts in the tight tank top she’s wearing, noticing that she’s not wearing a bra. I can see the soft, small shapes beneath the thin fabric, her nipples pressing softly against it, and my fingers itch with the desire to touch her, to pluck the sensitive flesh until it’s taut and stiff, until she’s begging me for more. 

My eyes flick lower, to the apex of her thighs, where I suspect she’s warm and wet right now, no matter how much she’d deny it. “I’m going to show you all the ways that a man like me can use a girl like you,” I tell her, my voice rasping as I look back up at her face. “You will be mine, in every way that matters. You and I will say our vows, and sit at our reception, and dance and cut a cake and eat our wedding meal, and then I will whisk you away for the night, and I–”

The words stick in my throat, a fierce arousal throbbing through me at the thought of it. I want it now, to yank her up out of the chair and bend her over, my fist wrapping in her hair as I drag that tight fabric down her hips and thighs and thrust my aching cock into her. It would feel so fucking good. I’ve never denied myself anything that I wanted like this before, not in my entire life. I’ve never had to.

But if I do this now, if I take her before our wedding night, I’ll cross the line that I’ve determined separates man from monster. I’ll hurt her in an unforgiveable way. 

Somehow, I leash that desire again. I look down into her delicate, defiant face, and I let go of the chair, stepping back an inch, and another, until I feel like I can breathe again.

I see her gaze flick down to the front of my trousers, the way her eyes widen briefly, seeing the force of my arousal. I doubt she’s ever seen a cock before in person, let alone one of my size.

“I’m going to fuck you,” I tell her, low and rough, and I see her eyes widen a little more. She’s afraid. Good. She needs to be. She needs to understand that whatever her father taught her when it came to men like me, he should have taught her how to keep a better leash on her tongue. “On our wedding night, and as many nights as I want to, afterwards. However I please. And you will not tell me no. You will enjoy it.”

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