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The Mafia Romance Mega Bundle #2

The Mafia Romance Mega Bundle #2

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All I want is my freedom. But the Bratva leader won't take no for an answer…

My first husband is dead and buried.I’m left a widowed mafia princess—a dangerous title to hold, especially when one man already has his eye on me.Viktor Andreyev.His own men call him Ussuri.

The Bear.

Older than me, with a reputation for violence and a cruel exterior to match, he’s no one I would ever choose for a husband.

In fact, I’d hoped that I’d never have to marry again at all.But he’s made the price for peace my hand in marriage. And it’s clear that I can’t refuse.I’ve survived marriage to one cruel man already. I’m no fragile princess. I know I can survive this. But the secrets of the Bratva are darker than even I realized, and the more I learn, the more desperate I am to escape.Only one man, and the temptations he poses, stand in the way.

He holds my body captive. But he’ll never hold my heart.Captive Bride is book one in the Mafia Bride Trilogy. The trilogy is complete. The reading order is as follows: Captive Bride, Stolen Bride and Beloved Bride.

Brutal Kiss Look Inside

He’s kissing me. My first kiss.

            It’s everything I could have hoped for when I snuck out. Since he walked me to the bar away from those awful boys, I’ve felt the steadily building tension between us, apparent even to someone as inexperienced as I am. I hadn’t really known how to go about seducing him, how to close the deal and get him to kiss me, to escalate things—but it all happened so naturally. It’s as if each step appeared before me as I stumbled down the path, the moment growing in intensity until what happened felt inevitable. My finger hooking in his shirt automatically, wanting to keep him from moving away from me. Wanting him closer. The way those gorgeous blue eyes of his darkened even more, his entire face tightening with a need that took my breath away—and then his hands on my waist, pushing me back against the wall. Roughly—but not enough to scare me. Just enough to let me know how much he wants me. Enough to send my heart racing and make my breath catch in my throat as his mouth came down on mine, full and soft and asking—no—demanding more.

            And I want to give it to him. Everything. I decide in that instant, as my arms wind instinctively around his neck and I let my lips part, struggling to kiss him back in a way that won’t let on just how inexperienced I really am. I don’t want him to know. I’m a virgin, but I don’t want him to take me like one. I don’t want tonight to be a negotiation, him worried about me, hesitating—or worse yet, walking away from this because he doesn’t want to be my first. Because he won’t want this to be more than it is—and I can’t explain why it could never be anyway, not without giving myself away.

             I want to be, with him, the woman that I envisioned when I saw the dress I’m wearing. I want to be Gabriela Rodriguez for tonight, confident, sexy—anything but a frightened, anxious virgin. I want to be someone other than Isabella for Niall Flanagan.

            His name soothed me, made me certain that this would be okay, that he’s telling the truth. A name to match his strange accent. A strange man far from home on vacation, who will leave in a few days with something to remember, just as he’ll give me. A man I’ll never have to worry about running into again, or who might find out the truth. It’s perfect. The certainty of that allows me to let myself go.

            To enjoy my first kiss with a man that I chose for myself.

            It’s something straight out of a romance novel, a perfection I’d been afraid to hope for. He’s sexy and a little dark, both gentlemanly and dangerous, a mystery swathed in a leather jacket that I want desperately to discover for myself. He tastes like tequila and smoke, like an adventure into the unknown, as he kisses me against the wall in the moonlight like he wants to devour me. His lips are full and soft, warm as the desert sand, and I want to sink into him as he brushes them over my mouth with a deep groan that sends flutters of excitement through me. 

            When I part my lips for him, his tongue slides into my mouth, slick and hot, and I feel a strange sensation between my thighs. I feel hot, aching, wet, the way I’ve sometimes gotten late at night when I let myself fantasize about things I never thought I could have. When I’d sometimes given in to the urge to touch myself, lightly, but never for too long. 

            “Niall.” I breathe his name and I feel a shudder ripple through him, his hands on my waist sliding down to my hips. He surges against me, deepening the kiss, his tongue tangling with mine and dragging a breathless moan from my mouth to his. I feel him against my thigh, hard and thicker than I’d imagined, and that makes me gasp again as a wave of heat passes through me. 

            If nothing else happens tonight, I think to myself as his hand comes up to tangle in my hair, I could die happy just from this. Even if he pulls away now, changes his mind, or if I lose my nerve. This kiss, this perfect romantic moment, is already so much more than I ever thought I’d have. 

            His hand slides down my thigh, under the hem of my dress, and I feel a sudden return of my nerves, mixed with a breathless recklessness that makes me want to let him keep going. To do anything he wants to me, up against this wall under the moonlight—but that’s not how I want tonight to go, not really. I want to explore somewhere safe, somewhere in private, where I can let myself go without fear of being interrupted or seen. I want to hide away from the world with Niall for a night, not be out in it together, doing this.

            “Wait,” I whisper, pulling back from the kiss as I suck in air, my chest heaving. I see a flash of disappointment in his eyes, and everything in me scrambles to make sure he understands that I’m not stopping, not turning him down. That I want this—just not here

            “Can we go back to your place? Your—hotel, I guess? I just want to be somewhere more private. I want—” the words come to my lips, but it takes a second to force them out, to push aside my nerves and get to the point of no return. “I want you.”

            The disappointment is gone in a flash, replaced with that dark urgent heat that my body answers to instantly, like a primal call and response between us without words. “Hell yes,” Niall growls in that deep burr of an accent, leaning in to capture my lips once more before breaking away and taking my hand. His mouth is reddened from my lipstick, but he doesn’t seem to care. “Come with me.”

3 Series and 9 books are included in this Bundle. Plus, you'll receive a FREE full length Novel when you purchase.

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"It's my first book by M James and I like steamy romance novels with plenty of heat. This book is just the start of their love story." Heidi, Brutal Kiss Reviewer

My family’s worst enemy wants my hand in marriage. But I’ve made up my mind to give my innocence to a man that I choose.

When I sneak out to a local bar to pick up a man for the night, my only thought is that I want the choice of who my first will be, before I’m married off to a man I hate. Niall Flanagan is a handsome stranger, alluring and a little dangerous, and everything I think that I want.

Except he doesn’t know who I really am. And as it turns out, he’s something more than what I think I know, too.

When one night of blissful pleasure turns into more, it’s all I can do not to tell him the truth. And when my father breaks all his promises, I make a snap decision that will change everything. Niall showed me that the world can be so much more–but he’s about to discover a terrible truth.

Even the sweetest of kisses can carry a brutal edge.

What I’m doing is dangerous.

I know it is.

All throughout dinner I turn the plan over and over in my head, thinking of all the reasons I shouldn’t. My mother takes my silence as sullen moroseness, chiding me for it, and all the while I can’t help but think how shocked she’d be if she really knew why I’m so quiet.

That instead of seething over the futility of my situation, I’m trying to remember when the guard changes for the night. When I might have one small opening to slip out of the front gate and out to the main road, where I can hitch a ride into town.

A thoroughly dangerous thing to do. A girl my age, alone in the desert in a provocative dress, hitching a ride from a stranger. It’s a stupid, reckless, foolish idea. It very well might end in my innocence being taken from me anyway, by someone my father doesn’t choose, if I pick the wrong person to flag down. But that, in and of itself, is a choice. Taking the risk. Taking my future into my hands, no matter how the night turns out...

Start with book one of the Santiago Series and complete the trilogy. Then dive into the Forbidden series. And finally the Wicked series.

Recommended Reading Order

Brutal Kiss, Brutal Bargain, Brutal Vow, Forbidden Obsession, Forbidden Temptation, Forbidden Forever, Wicked Brute, Wicked Beauty, and Wicked Vow.

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Vicious Promise Series-When an innocent bride becomes a pawn in a deadly game, a reluctant groom and ruthless killer steps in as her unlikely protector. From the gritty streets of Manhattan, this fast-paced, heart-pounding romance unveils a twisted bond forged in danger, where the lines blur between salvation and seduction.

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Vicious Promise

Broken Promise

Ruthless Promise

Captive Bride Series-A widowed mafia princess becomes ensnared in the dark secrets of the Bratva, forced into a dangerous marriage with an infamous leader for a shot at peace. This compelling saga explores a desperate quest for freedom, resilience in the face of tyranny, and the unyielding battle of love against captivity.

Books In Series.

Captive Bride

Stolen Bride

Beloved Bride

Irish King Series-Drawn into a world of danger and desire, the heir of the Irish Mafia finds himself captivated by a broken ballerina, the disgraced daughter of a Bratva brigadier. If he saves her he'll risk losing everything. His kingdom, his family and his own life.

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Irish Savior

Irish Promise

Irish Vow

Irish Betrayal

Irish Princess

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